Penny Blue - Single Estate Mauritian Rum

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Our Single Estate

Single Estate means control over every detail; each stage is looked over to ensure everything is done right, and our way.

It means the fingerprint of the land the sugar cane is grown, our tropical ageing, distillation and breeze from the sea influence our rum in the way we want it to.

Sugar cane

Medine cultivates 3,300ha of sugar cane planted in rich volcanic soil. Our Estate is perfectly situated in the sunniest part of the island with low levels of rainfall.

This forms optimum conditions to produce the island’s juiciest sugar canes as the basis for superior quality rum.

The harvest

The Medine distillery is rare among distilleries in that it grows its own sugar cane. Transported only a stone’s throw away from the plantation, they are pressed immediately to ensure the freshest sugar cane juice is utilised.


Sugar cane is so rich in sugar that the natural yeasts start the fermentation process quickly, which is why quick transport to the distillery is essential.

Fresh pressed juice or rich molasses are mixed with selected yeasts, and fermented slowly to create flavour and alcohol for the distillation process.


To produces a heavier style of rum that’s age worthy, Jean-Francois Koenig began distilling it slower and at lower temperature.

The distillation takes place in a continuous column still to create elegant rum for resting in oak, and in a combination of pot and column stills to blend rounded pure cane rum.

The skill of the Master Distiller is essential to capture the essence of the fresh sugar cane juice and a snapshot of where the cane was grown.


Once distilled in column or pot stills, the rum is filled in to barrels and then matured only metres away from where the sugar cane was harvested.

It rests, gathering maturity and complexity, and is regularly tasted over time as the rum makers search for perfect maturity before selecting the casks.

To add to the complexity of the rum, Jean-Francois Koenig experimented with different types of wood to rest the spirit.

He settled on ex Cognac, ex Whisky and ex Bourbon casks to age the spirit. French oak casks previously used to age Cognac lends soft, eucalyptus notes, and American oak from ex-Bourbon and ex-Scotch whisky brings soft vanilla.


The rum makers are searching for more than a perfectly mature rum. They are searching for an identity. For our Pure Cane rum, this means ensuring our Single Estate character shines through.

A proportion of hand milled, Single Variety, sugar cane is pot distilled and blended with elegant column distilled rum to give weight and complexity.